Quarantine Jams (Part 1 of 2)

First off, apologies for the extended period of time between blog posts! With the world grinding to a halt in March, I’ve just been to busy sitting at home and staring at my phone these past 5 months to come up with a post! Jokes aside, the loyal contributors to this blog, Ryan and myself, have both recently made courageous, fiery and stupid? (TBD) leaps into the depths of graduate education in our respective fields amidst the chaos that is the global pandemic. Without giving too much away for the sake of personal privacy, Ryan has packed up and moved cross country, primarily to attend a storied institution of law, but also equally important, to engage in the local custom that is hoeing down in your cowboy boots every Friday night (expect more country to be showing up in his posts). I myself meanwhile, have haphazardly and carelessly thrown everything I own into my four door sedan and moved myself a mere hour north to the other side of a lowland river delta. Just so happens that I also crossed international boundaries and find myself in a large, vibrant new city that more or less shares the same culture I’ve lived in the past 15 years. To commemorate both our academic endeavors and the federally mandated 14 day quarantine I currently am experiencing, I have come up with a two part playlist set that will hopefully prevent you from both, banging your head against a wall from boredom and banging your head into a textbook from mental fatigue! Such fantastic times we live in! As always, happy listening.

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