Finally, a post

Hello all, after much anticipation, I am here to provide my first contribution to the website. Was it writers block, lack of free-flowing ideas, or a tingling of anxiety that influenced this long wait you may ask? Well, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. I’m just a dude that likes hearing new artists and songs and spreading the news to all of my loved ones. Here are 5 songs to start off. I hope you enjoy.

Pop therapy by Video Age
This song already holds a dear place despite being in my music library for a little more than six months. The infectious rhythm of Pop Therapy is apparent immediately, with head-bobbing/foot-stomping synthesizer notes right off the bat, it’s difficult to not be entranced by Video Age’s second highest played song on Spotify. The first lyrics of the song are “When you broke my heart tonight…”, communicating a fresh wound to the listeners, which triggers a sense of empathy from the listener. However, the upbeat sounds of the song make it hard to remember that the singer is talking about heartbreak. In the lead up to the first chorus, Video Age disappointingly sings, “So I look at the man in the mirror, and I’m not who I thought that I was” emphasizing his diminishing sense of confidence

Now I don’t want to go line-by-line analysis of the song just yet, I’ll save that for when I’m hired by Genius. To summarize the second verse, the heartbroken singer turns his mood around and is the “talk of the town” in his eyes. He seems to admit defeat in being the master of his own fate and to enjoy the ride of life instead. Not a bad way to bounce back from a broken heart.

Although the entire song is upbeat if it were stripped of the lyrics, the outro takes the jovial feeling to another level, signifying a state of bliss that the singer is now enjoying.

Peach dream by Sniffle Party
Once you press play on this record, you will feel as if you’re at their concert and you accidentally sipped your friends Molly water. I won’t analyze the lyrics so much on Sniffle Party’s most frequently played song on Spotify, but the song would fit right into a movie centered on teenage angst/coming of age storyline.

Sniffle Party haven’t released anything on Spotify in 3 and a half years, blocking me from increasing my library of music from the duet of Serena Wagner and Eric Christenson. Peach dream ends as abruptly as it starts, perhaps a metaphor of peach dreams themselves.

Sniffle Party if you are reading this, I beg you release some new good-good.

Way you walk by Blaise Eldred
Similar ~vibes~ to Pop Therapy, Way you Walk gets started on the front foot with groovy guitar rifts and once Blaise Eldred’s voice gets involved, you are magnetically attracted to this gem.

The album cover is a masterpiece in itself, with what seems like a camera flashing or a light being shown in one’s eyes, with ‘Sex Pop’ written in what looks like a Microsoft paint production.

Around the 3:40 mark, Way you Walk is stripped of the vocals and for the rest of the song, you should just close your eyes and imagine yourself in a happy place.

Guilty conscience by 070 Shake (Tame Impala Remix)
The original version of this song by 070 shake is great, but doesn’t quite hit the same as the Tame Impala remix. Of course that is my opinion and you can check out both versions to make your own mind up.

070 Shake has such an intriguing voice that if there’s any rhythm in whatever song she features on, it’s going to be a song difficult to pass up on. After hearing her feature on Kanye’s album, I knew I had to keep up with her growing discography.

I’m a sucker for songs that build up from a mysterious beginning where you don’t know what kind of song to expect, to a series of climaxes. This song in particular makes me feel like I am blasting off into space with 070 Shake’s voice and the drums working as the engine, I’m merely the passenger.

As I just mentioned the drums, Tame Impala knows how to make hits. The explosion of drums at the 2:53 mark showcases when the song begins its descent is a little detail that I am thrilled they included into the track.

The story of the song is a deep-cutting dynamic of a tumultuous relationship that has unfortunately resorted to petty cheating. The point of view is from the original cheater, who is disappointed in her poor judgement and is suffering from a *guilty conscience*. Once she finds out that her partner is doing the same to her, she no longer feels the guilt that was previously plaguing her.

In conclusion, this song perfectly embodies the reality of a guilty conscience. A chaotic set of background noises with desperate, pleading vocals, with a calm resolution to cap it off. This song is good. Very good.

Only to Live in Your Memories by Night Moves
I’ve been thinking about saying this for a long time and I’m worried about the backlash from all of the major news outlets but I’ve summoned up the courage to say it today. Okay here it is:

Night Moves sounds like U2.

Maybe not this song, but if you listen to Carl Sagan by Night Moves, it’s a good shout I think. Hopefully I don’t have a horde of white fathers breaking into my house for that comparison but dammit I said it.

The rugged voice with the introspective tone and guitar, Night Moves is a and to keep an eye on. Not to mention their cool album art on their Pennied Days record. An artist to keep your eye on.

Thank you for reading!

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