My 2020 Playlist

What up everybody

Just a bit late (3 months) but I think I can still say happy new year and cheers to making it to 2021!!! We all know that 2020 sucked major balls for the majority of us out there. However, some industries and livelihoods have been more effected than others. Musicians have been hit especially hard, specifically some of these lesser known artists that rely on small gigs to make ends meet. With that in mind, I present my long anticipated 2020 end of year playlist. I have been wanting to do a version of this playlist ever since Ryan and I first thought about blogging so I am excited that I finally found a way to make it work.

The idea for this playlist was to highlight some lesser known artists out there that made some bangers in 2020 and are on the path to superstardom. In the playlist, you can find one song from the artist’s 2020 discography and one song from an earlier piece of work (or current if they are new) that also showcases their sweet sweet sound. With an eye on the future, as things start to open up and shows resume, keep an eye out for any artists that strike your fancy. If you are lucky enough to have them stop in your city, show them some love and support and go see them do their thing. As you get groovy and boogie your butt off, remember to be appreciative of where you are and never take anything for granted!

To keep things easy for you fellas out there, I have made a mini list of 10 artists whose music from this past year I am especially fond of. Check these out first and then take a good long listen through the rest! Hope you enjoy!

1. Ivy Sole

Ivy Sole Delivers Soulful Performance at Noontime Concert - The Underground

Heavy – Southpaw EP, 2020

A track and artist that I really wanted to put first. This song about a breakup has some haunting lyrics that sums up the feelings of 2020 pretty damn well. Certified banger.

All Mine (Eden, 2016)

2. Peach Fur

Aliens | Peach Fur

Preloved – Awake EP, 2020

Favorite song of 2020, excited to see if this band makes it over to North America anytime soon

Funkn Oath (Awake)

3. Kowloon

Come Over by Kowloon ⋆ Independent Music Reviews
Yet to release an EP or album, watch out for when he does

Come Over (Single, 2020)

Wake Up (Single, 2020)

4. Scribz Riley

Scribz Riley Lyrics, Songs, and Albums | Genius
A Grammy winning producer out of London so not technically unknown but his debut solo work is not getting the plays it deserves.

Introduce Myself – Wish Me Luck, 2020

Eastside (Wish Me Luck)

5. Small Forward

Listen to "Tearjerker" by Small Forward | The Wild Honey Pie
Their self-titled album is definitely worth a listen through, another band I hope to catch in the future

Most of You – Small Forward, 2020

Out of Luck (Small Forward)

6. Babeheaven

Listen to Babeheaven's loose, dreamy new song 'Circles' | News | DIY

November – Home for Now, 2020

Seabird (Single, 2019)

7. Sault

Straight away you realise you’re in the presence of something special ... album artwork for Untitled (Rise).
Interestingly, this band has never appeared publicly and no one is sure who is actually behind the SAULT name

Wildfires – Untitled (Black Is), 2020

Why Why Why Why Why – (5, 2019)

8. Q

Prepare to Swoon Over Q's “Take Me Where Your Heart Is” – The Hidden Hits
Big fan of this guy, surprised the name Q wasn’t taken already

Take Me Where Your Heart Is – The Shaving Experiment EP, 2020

Lavender – (Forest Green 2019)

9. Surfliner

Q&A: Surfliner "Psychedelic Blues" — The Luna Collective
With their easy going surf rock, I find it really hard to believe this gang is from Massachusetts

Vertigo – Single, 2020

Surfliner – (Kiska, 2019)

10. Astro Heart

Astro Heart | Spotify
Indie Folk for the soul

Dear – Pen Pals, 2020

Astro Heart (Pen Pals)

Here is the full playlist with the above artists included. Enjoy!

Click on the link for the full playlist

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