The Return

I am back from my sabbatical, where I was studying music theory and lyricism. It was through an institution that is super undercover, so I’m not allowed to say where these studies took place, nor am I able to put it on my resume. Just know that I am now more educated in the realm of music. Some would say I should get paid more for this gig but that is neither here nor there.

I’ve unearthed some good tunes! Tunes that would get a biologist out of his lab coat and into some Burning Man attire, and get a lawyer’s nose out of the books and into some hard drugs, such as Adderall (sustained!).

Here’s how this is gonna go: I’m going to rank my top 5 favorite songs in this cohort of cadences, and then I will list 5 songs that would please on microscopic level as well as in a court of law (should I stop trying? Yes. Will I? Not sure.).

I encourage you guys to listen to the other’s recommended songs of course. I will attach a playlist with all of these songs and more for you guys to check out. Hope you are both doing well fellas

I want a poster of that
Not sold on the music video, lost some points for me tbh
I would also like a poster of that
I had to include this one, my favorite song of 2020

Top Picks for: Garrett

Top Picks for: Ryan

A music video!

The Playlist

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